Classes and Workshops


I am teaching Pilates and Improvisation Dance, Ballet and Jazz Dance Classes and Somatic Dance Workshops. In my classes and workshops I pass on the knowledge I have learned from world-renowned choreographers, dancers and dance teachers. I would like to give impulses for the joy and pleasure of movement, invite to observe oneself in motion and get to known better the own body and movement language; To trace patterns, preferences, avoidances and emotional tendencies and to find new inspirations.

While my Dance and Pilates Classes are based on Classical Techniques, the Somatic Dance Workshops are all about the individual movement language and flow of emotions. They are based on the Concepts of Dance Therapy.

Somatic Dance Workshop:

Self-awareness in Dance

In individual and group interactions, we will raise awareness of the body, our own movement language and our environment while moving. The senses are sensitized and our attention is activated. My work is aimed at all people interested in movement, I want to deepen the access to the own body and connections, between body and mind, between the individual and the community. My methods are based on the fundamentals of dance therapy, Feldenkrais, improvisation and meditation practices. I set value on sensing and observing. These practices can be applied in everyday life beyond my units. The workshop itself focuses on dance and movement.

Upcoming Workshops

30th July 2023

Nou Tango, Berlin

25th August 2023

VHS Torhaus Aalen

15th November 2023

la Bohème artistique, Berlin

13th December 2023

la Bohème artistique, Berlin

29th May 2024

la Bohème artistique, Berlin


19th June 2024

la Bohème artistique, Berlin

Letting go and opening for new inspiration

17th July 2024

la Bohème artistique, Berlin

XX September 2024

la Bohème artistique, Berlin

Element Fire for Women


Since 2020 I have been teaching Pilates, stretching, ballet, jazz dance and dance improvisation for various schools and workshops. Part of my background comes from functional movement training. Through my intensive career in acrobatic sports, I have developed and learned to appreciate great body control and awareness. These components also play an important role in Joseph Pilates' decades-old training method. I used the Pilates training a lot myself, especially as a supplement to my professional dance training and to help me recover after my two pregnancies and deepened the methods as a trainer. Pilates is a full body workout to primarily strengthen the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Regular training improves posture, stabilizes and prevents injuries. In addition, the practice strives for a connection between body and mind. The training program's combination of stretching and strengthening of the muscles increases body balance, flexibility and a generally good body feeling. In my practice, I focus particularly on the detailed work with the deep muscles; through gentle but concentrated training, great success and a permanently active body center can be achieved. I combine the exercises in a stimulating flow, so that different muscle groups are addressed alternately. I also focus on training in ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance and jazz dance. Lecturers who have significantly inspired me on my way include Yaara Dolev, Erol Alexandrov, Christian Schwaan, Saskia Assohoto, Leslie Unger, Hannah Shepherd, Matan David and Daisy Ransom Phillips. During my dance education and over the years as a freelance dancer and choreographer, I dealt with social and emotional issues in the form of short choreographies. Being able to process and share my emotions, thoughts and observations in an abstract form was very helpful and enlightening for me. Since 2021 I am doing a further education to become a dance therapist.